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Current Priorities :  Swerve Pilot Project  |  Therapeutic Dawn
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*  Phase 1 of Therapeutic Dawn is accelerating. It is moving forward as a Swerve Pilot Project.
    We have been getting very positive feedback about what we are advancing, from a wide range of people.
    We are very actively in a process to raise $30,000 to $50,000 as soon as possible, and an additional $100,000, relatively quickly.
    This range will give us vital resources to hit some meaningful patient oriented short term milestones.
    If you or someone you know decides to support our project, we appreciate this in very profound ways. / Josh 

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    We will use most of the $ from Swerve Network subscriptions to advance Therapeutic Dawn,
    which includes buying equipment for certain patients involved with Therapeutic Dawn.

    In 2024, we will take 7% of subscription sales and allocate this $ to various areas within the Swerve.Org social impact mandate.
    Swerve.Org's social impact mandate includes supporting various Orgs and people that do the following :
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        scroll ↓ down to see a prototype rendering of the Therapeutic Dawn virtual retreat space, and some other spaces..
                                   These are the same images found in our Immersion / Presence section.

             resonance              curiosity              compassion              trail blazing              burn bright.

This a conceptual prototype of the Therapeutic Dawn virtual retreat space, and Swerve.Land virtual studio.
The deck, table, candles and landscape in the background are part of an actual realtime 3d virtual space,
that 2 or more people can be in together, using VR headsets, or a combo of VR headsets and laptops.
One person could be in Toronto, and another in London, and a 3rd person in New York.
We have an early stage working prototype of this immersive space and others, in our alpha app.
During this current phase 1 of our Pilot Project :
we will be exploring & testing various ways that a person would see themselves, or another person, in the space.
A person could choose a playful avatar of themselves, or something more photorealistic.
/ Swerve

Prototype :

This is Noah and his grandfather, Dave.  (Names are made up.)
Noah could visit Dave at his retirement home or long term care facility in person,
and they could explore this forest while they are in the same room together, and talk with each other.
Or, if Dave lives in British Columbia, and Noah lives in Toronto,
They could meet in the forest in VR, and have a catchup conversation /  tell jokes, and connect,
even though they are 2,600 miles away from each other.    ( 4,200 kilometres.  :-)  )
We are currently working with /testing a number of realtime 3d landscapes.
Some of these are photo realistic.  Others will be more surreal and imaginative.

Concept Prototype :

Fun is good.   (More info will be posted here soon about this space/scene.)