Priorities & Roadmap : Swerve Pilot Project
   2023 & 2024  ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2.png

Alot of our upcoming research, films, dev, and builds will initially be private.
See the bottom of this page for more info about how to get updated
about our progress & advancements, or access to the builds & more short films.

Priorities   BulbImageV4.03A-642x1024.png.

  Launched & Released :
     - alpha website :  ✓        - Release of the Burn Bright short film :  ✓
     - Swerve ALS Twitter feed :  ✓          - Swerve.Org :  ✓ is currently password protected while we finish the current update.

     - Swerve :  ✓    Swerve has been exploring communication, art, digital, tech, & consciousness since 1985.
     - Swerve :  ✓     And has been exploring mixed media 3d immersion since 1995, and full on VR since 2013.
     - Swerve :  ✓      웃   ❂   :  Tech, displays, code, & human evolution,... are in the midst of a paradigm shift.

April 2023 to December 2023
    Explore +  Sky films series : Personalized Short films for kids and people with cancer, ALS and other conditions.
    Explore       +  :   - Early stage creative and outreach related to this has begun.

Therapeutic Dawn  :    Collaboration with Explore + on the Sky films series. 
      Therapeutic Dawn  :    - Early stage Therapeutic Dawn immersive builds.  For laptops & VR / virtual reality.
      Therapeutic Dawn  :    - Outreaches to cancer, ALS and palliative communities.
      Therapeutic Dawn  :    - Work with 20 or more people with various conditions. 
      Therapeutic Dawn  :    - Further advance the immersive builds, for laptops & VR.

   Swerve.Land  :  Culture        Society        Edu        Play        Nature        Wild  
      S   werve.Land  :  - Sketch out the roadmap for the initial short films and the app.
      S   werve.Land  :  - Release 3 short films.
      S   werve.Land  :  - Early alpha builds / explores of the app, for laptops & VR.
      S   werve.Land  :  - Working title for this initiative is Presence.

Priorities & Roadmap
A more detailed Priority list & Roadmap will be available to the various groups listed further down this page.

- Further advancing of the core aspects of the Swerve Pilot Project related to the initiatives above.

Access : Swerve Pilot Project
   2023 & 2024  ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2.png
Our Alpha group, Vivid group, Swerve Network subscribers and our supporters & sponsors,
get to access certain content or initiatives before they are released.
Some content, films or experiences will only be available to the above groups.
See X on the menu bar for access info.

  Alpha & Vivid.
Our Alpha group will consist of patients and their caregivers and families, healthcare professionals & first responders.
Our Vivid group will consist of people who resonate with our vision,...
and who want to directly explore some of the Pilot Project experiences while they are advancing.

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