More team details coming later on in 2022
Team   ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2.png
Our core team is strong, experienced, aware, creative & agile..
We are deeply motivated & committed to what we are advancing.
We are in the midst of a process to expand our general Renaissance advisory group, and to expand our team..
Within the Renaissance advisory group, there is a specific group that focuses on Therapeutic XR.
  Our Therapeutic XR Advisory Group currently consists of :.
   - Founder : Communications, mindfulness, art & tech - with foresight & depth related to XR VR & AR
   - Chief cardiac surgeon at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto.
   - A talented tech, sales and user experience person with a passion for screen based therapeutic experiences.
   - An experienced occupational therapist with many clients who are seniors
   - A talented artist and designer with significant experience around mindfulness & meditation.
   - An accomplished, smart and experienced leader & president of a global communications company.