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  Swerve                                                                   Digital   :   Metaverse
Swerve is building the Swerve Platform and related initiatives. .
The platform creates apps for use across a range of screens, including tablets, phones, laptops, and VR & AR.
Customized versions of the platform are being used for Therapeutic XRSwerve.Land + V World, 420 &
To get a visceral & deeper sense of these, we recommend you watch our two short films, Renaissance and Wild.
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Our Uplift, Grace, Therapeutic XR, Swerve.Land & V World overviews can be found in Core on the menu bar. .
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Life is wild..
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Uplift & Therapeutic XR
Members of our team have had a range of experiences related to family members or close friends with various health challenges :
including ALS, severe paralysis, Parkinson's, dementia, Alzheimer's, stress/mental health, cancer, terminal illness and death.
These can be very challenging and also sometimes profound experiences. 
We are relentless in our purpose,... to bring benefit to people with these conditions, and to their families, caregivers and friends. 

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Currently, there's 10 images & videos. More will be added over time.

 . Renaissance is one of Swerve's partners