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Renaissance & Swerve's Dig division does deep dives into society, tech & digital.
Dig transforms foresight & vision into real.  We love the potency of film, immersion experiences, and digital.
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Immersion  &  Metaverse     September  2022
Convergence, acceleration & expansion is happening now in these two areas..
We find both areas to be compelling.
We'll be writing more about both of these soon. 
Our initial high level broad overview of these 2 areas will be posted below in October 2022.
In the meantime, checking out Swerve.Land & Therapeutic XR (under Core on the menu bar),
will give you some info about these compelling areas, especially Immersion.
We view Immersion, as an integral part of key elements of the Metaverse. 

- Swerve.


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